oh canada! the rocky mountains (aka the Rockies)

we were able to take some cool panoramic shots with our basic point and shoot camera. 
not bad - eh?

 me and our car rental and happily canoeing (it's like bicycling. you never forget). it was my first time in a canoe since i was a camp leader 25 years ago....oooh - that makes me how old??

 wild deer
 mountain goat
baby mountain goats
 view of banff
 canadian moose

15 years ago it was easy to catch glimpses of a moose or a deer....but now with so many tourists and cars in the area, it is a gift that is treasured. 
people always ask me where the best place to visit is if they have limited time in canada....and I usually say vancouver, my hometown. some may say that i'm biased....but it really is the most beautiful place in canada. however, i forgot how remarkable the
rocky mountains were until my recent trip. it had been more than 15 years since my last visit there.
we were so lucky to see some wild animals.

it's just enchanting. so, I'm going to have to knock vancouver (sorry vancouver!) off that list to no.2 because the rockies are definitely a can't miss. i'm not just talking about banff, jasper or the surrounding towns. the entire national park stretches for thousands of kilometres.
it really is nature's paradise.

i will post more pics of the rocky mountains in the future.
look out for stunning photos of glaciers.



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