images of love, valentine and romance

happy heart's day my friends. 

generally, the husband and i celebrate 'valentine's day' the following day, after all the hoopla, and the double to triple prices at the flower shops and restaurants are back to normal. this way, we don't break the budget nor feel pressured to celebrate our love 
for one another on this one day a year. 

how about you?

i adore how so many people share and express their love of hearts around the world....

all images from here

wishing you love, love and love.



  1. Happy Valentine's Day Reese! The image of that little baby sleeping is too sweet.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  2. Such gorgeous images Reese. My Hubs and I are the same. We are not great Valentines fans but will do something special at the weekend; it may only be a walk in the forest followed by brunch or lunch. But we will enjoy and savor every minute together.
    Have a lovely weekend too xx

  3. YOu found some wonderful hearts her to share. My very favourite is the baby hands while sleeping - so sweet.

  4. Hope you are having days filled with love... Lovely images!


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