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jewelry in the rambleswithreese shop 

where has the time gone?
this month has been filled with a plethora of activity for me.
how about you?
i'm working on getting a new website together for my art site and i'm super excited about sharing it with you. i've been checking the amazing amount of website builders, like,,,, etc., and i've broken it down to a few and will let you know which one I decide to go with. i've also got my first DSLR camera, a NIKON D3200 which i've been having fun with.....exploring all the buttons and taking photos of my jewelry for the rambleswithreese shop. the picture quality is extraordinary 
compared to a digital point and shoot camera. i can't believe i waited this long to get one.

the past month i've been working on different types of pieces and having fun tinkering with my new hand tools that i got last fall. finally, i'm getting a chance to really experiment with different types of materials. i still love working with crystals, stones, etc. but this is a new area for me which is exciting for me. watch out for the following 
jewelry in the rambleswithreese shop 
as i will be listing these daily.

wishing you a wonderful week!


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