Blog Friends

happy 2013 everyone! this is my first post for the new year of 2013 and boy, did i ever get lazy over the holiday break. i took a technology free break and all i did was eat, sleep, eat and sleep, eat some more and sleep, oh...did i mention that i ate, ate, and slept? you get the idea. i now i have a lot more tummy these days but i don't care for now as i enjoyed every moment of it. i even made my first turkey this year (albeit the size of a large chicken) but still quite proud that i didn't burn it or even worse have it not be cooked enough that the hubby and i would end up in the emergency room. 

this post is dedicated to blog friends. i love my blog friends. i've said this before and i'll say it again, blogging has opened up a new world where lasting friendships can be made, and one of those friends i'd like to call out and thank is Diana who writes a personal blog 
the world around her and for the women's blog all women stalk.  i can't say enough about her. she's a great friend, mother, wife, writer, and more. i got a surprise package from her over the christmas break and she sent me these lovely gifts with penguins and owls as the main motif. We, both, have a love of animals and nature, and she knows how fond i am of reese's peanut cups. how cannot i be? chocolate and peanut butter in one?! 

do you have a blog friendship? 
has it made a difference in your life?

thank you diana. 
not only for the gifts but more importantly for your friendship.


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