Gubbio in Umbria, Italy

i just wanna say....thank you for your lovely comments and well wishes. 
you guys are amazing!!

here are some of my favourite photos from my
 christmas holiday in the lovely, medieval town of 
gubbio, italy.

a Christmas tree is formed on the mountain with the use of Christmas lights on the mountain in Gubbio. 
you can see this mountain of lights from miles away.

sparkling lights everywhere

delicious regional cuisine of Umbria (gnocchi and tartuffo, steak and potatoes)

mouth watering lemon sorbet and a custard crumble with caramel topping

enormous staircase to the top

hiking up towards the top of the mountain where the christmas tree is.

stunning views of gubbio and the valley below

this woman looks a little apprehensive....rightly so, as this cable ride doesn't stop and it moves quite quickly. you have to chase it and hop on. that's why there are men there to help you and make sure you don't fall or trip. can you imagine this ride in America or Canada?

love it when the sun breaks through the clouds

the cable ride is a must do in gubbio. you can buy a one-way ticket or a return up the mountain, which is good fun but unbelievably cold, as you're literally standing in this little cage with no insulation but your coats to keep you warm.  We had decided to do the hike up the mountain, and buy a ticket for the way down. the path is smooth and easy, however, it took us quite a while to get to the top and of course, we took a break with a bite to eat at the restaurant at the top of the mountain to treat ourselves. we were the only ones along the path, as most people chose the easy way up the mountain. even though the climb was tough, i'm glad we did it because there are some stunning 
views along the way. 

despite our terrible experience with the hotel that we stayed at, i can't say enough about umbria. this is our second trip to this region. if you remember, last year we came here during our christmas holidays and we visited the towns of Perugia and Assisi

have any of you been here? what do you recommend to do? 

watch out for a future post on more photos from Gubbio and another lovely little medieval town in Umbria, called Orvieto.

love Reese

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