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This past weekend was filled with to do lists. I organized a Halloween Social at work where I got dressed up as a witch, but sadly, attendance was dismal to say the least. Halloween is not well celebrated or popular here in Italy...something I would definitely like to change. 

  Thank goodness, the rest of the weekend was fun and productive. Went to a home and hardware store (like Home Depot) in another  city and bought very expensive window coverings. I wasn't too happy with the price, but we had been looking for pre-made coverings for ages and they were the least unattractive. In hindsight, I should've just bought fabric via the Internet and paid someone to sew it to size. I would have saved lots of money and had coverings that were pretty and personal. But, the "impatient me" just wanted it done and over with. We'd been living in a fishbowl for way too long. 

Finally was able to organize all my books and things that I had shipped over from my trip in August. However, found one major thing broken :-((. Cheered myself up by playing a new video game (Zuma) that my husband loves and playing a game on a pinball machine (love the tactile feeling of pinball machines) at a games centre, eating mini ice-creams and watching a movie, the Predators with Adrien Brody. I must say - i quite liked it.

  I just want to shout out a thank you to Shannon Eileen at Happiness Is. She's a talented soul/jazz vocalist and songwriter, but also a kickass blogger!! To celebrate her one year anniversary, she gave away a free mp3 track of one of her songs to followers of her blog. So, I asked for my favourite, Trigger Finger. You can listen to more of her songs here

I hope your weekend was filled with lovely treats too!



  1. That song is so great! I totally adore those games too..Its so fun to play them:) Have a great day,sweetie

  2. Glad you were able to get some things accomplished! Too bad that the window coverings were so expensive but at least you have them and it's done :)


  3. I love pinball and haven't played in sooo long. I have a little Gameboy that I keep in my purse to occupy myself while I wait in line at the post office, or in the lobby at the doctor's office. Was playing at the MVD last week while waiting for my new driver's license and I heard a teenager say to his mother "see that old lady is even playing a video game". I'm 44 but I guess to him I am an old lady.

  4. I had to chuckle over the Halloween dispirit you described in Italy - so funny how uniquely North American the holiday can be (I guess it's catching on in the UK, but not the same...) Sounds like a lovely weekend - I'm so awed you *touched* a pinball machine, I haven't even seen one since I was a kid! (Oh nostalgia).Hope your week's been well too, Reese! :)

  5. sorry to hear something broke, but at least you are reunited with your books... was remarking how popular halloween is among adults in the us, less so abroad...

    and i am always outraged how expensive window coverings are... i can't think why since as you say most are ugly! but i'm sure you got nice ones...



  6. Halloween is not well celebrated or popular here in Norway either, think it is like that in most parts of Europe. But boy oh boy do I envy those Americans their celebration, it looks like sooo much fun!!

    Have a lovely Wednesday dear :)

  7. I'm a long time follower of Shannon too! :) She is so great and so inspiring!

  8. Love Shannon Elizabeth! Have a wonderful weekend, Sweetie! xo

  9. Reese,
    So sad to hear Halloween didn't go over too well in Italy. It reminds of a time I invited a bunch of Italians over for Thanksgiving dinner, and they said it was the "strangest food" they'd ever eaten! Some aspects of our North American culture are just bizarre to them, I guess.

    In Japan, Halloween is a huge hit!

    Like you, I'm often tempted to just pay the money and get something done, and then figure out a cheaper way after wards!

  10. i love the song!!! sorry that the party was no a success... it takes people a bit of time to get used to it... happy sunday!

  11. this song's fab! i agree with you...she's not only a great singer but a super awesome blogger too!

    how have you been otherwise? :)

  12. Hi Reese! Hope you have been doing well! xo


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