Blogging When You're Sick (Ill)

Blogging When You're Sick (Ill)

A BIG, big, BIG Hello to you all!! 
(I'm still alive)

Since I began blogging more than a year and a half ago, the longest I've been away from blogging is a a week or so. Well, I've now been off blogging for more than three weeks, and it has given me some time for reflection. Here's what I discovered along the way.

No. 1

When you're ill, and you write a personal blog, there is no one to write your blog for you. There is no one to call and say, "I'm sick and I can't blog today." Either, you write while you're throwing up your insides and coughing/sneezing away, or you don't write at all. Well, since I couldn't take-off sick time from work and had to work despite being really ill with a combination of a cough/cold/stomach virus, I just didn't have the extra energy to blog.

  Yesterday, I eventually gave-in to taking antibiotics. Normally, I'm the type of person who waits for the immune system to kick-in and fight the bacteria or viruses attacking the body. Usually, it takes a week or two, but it works. Well, people.....I finally had to submit and say that after three weeks, I'm exhausted of being sick and now am taking three different medications for all that's
 attacking me. 

No. 2

I was deathly afraid that I would start losing you - yup you! My wonderful readers. I thought, I've got to write! Otherwise, you will stop reading. I began to say to myself, "not today, but tomorrow...." Well, tomorrow became next week and the following week. You get the idea. And now three weeks later, here I am - less obsessive and insecure. I am so relieved that my ego wasn't so attached to my blog. I really thought that my world wouldn't be the same. But, it is. It's exactly the same, albeit me being more miserable with this blasted illness. 

No. 3

When you're sick, you're not inspired to write. Nothing can make you write. Inspiration comes from the heart, and being ill really depletes all motivation to do anything. And if you lose a few's okay. It happens and they weren't really into your blog. It's not personal...well, maybe a little, but it's cool.

Now, I'd like to share some beautiful inspiring 
words and images.

Love winter images

Isn't this magical?


Thanks to some of you who wrote little messages, asking how I was and making sure that I was still around.
You have no idea how much appreciate that. 
And thanks for hanging in there and sticking around.

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