Cotton Candy made by Dinner with Julie

One of my favourite websites and blogs to peruse for food ideas and just delicious, mouth watering pictures of food is Dinner with Julie. This is a recipe about making cotton candy - so yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!
I think I've finally come to understand my obsession with food. Most of my happiest childhood memories centre around food. It takes me back to when I was a little kid and my favourite treat was cotton candy from a fair or amusement park. It was the best treat a little girl could ever have.

What was your favourite treat as a kid?

Cotton+Candy+1 Cranberry Almond Linzer Hearts (and Cotton Candy)

Cotton+candy+2 Cranberry Almond Linzer Hearts (and Cotton Candy)


  1. Wonderful your cotton candy, but did you used a special appliance to make it?


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