The Final Rendering - Abstract "Avian Man"

yes, this is the same painting. however, i'm afraid, i got so distracted that i forgot to take photos transitioning from this second stage to the third and final stage below. :-( it is quite challenging to take photos while painting as i'm usually covered in paint and stopping to take photos takes away from the flow that happens while painting. 

one of the things i love about this painting is that it can be hung above 
or below.
"avian man" is finally finished

if you've been reading my past couple posts, you know that i've been chronicling my work on the same has been in a state of metamorphosis. i wish i could say that i knew what my abstract paintings will look like when they are finished. i generally have a mental image in my head of what i'm going to paint, but it doesn't often end up that way. each canvas has a story to tell and my hand is just the tool in its story, and i am not the one that says when the painting is finished. 
it tells me. 


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