Baby, it's cold outside

...dear it already december 16th? i recently read something a good friend of mine posted where she said that her days passed like weeks, and i'm afraid that the same goes for me too. i, honestly, can't believe how much time has passed since my last post. i probably say this more often than i should. i'm sorry for being out of touch lately.

well, first of all, it certainly feels like winter. i'm in a place where everyday there's a 
blanket of snow outside. and no, it's not italy. :-). i'm in the middle of wheat fields and cows and yet you can't see them because of the enormous layers of snow everywhere. it's beautiful, but somehow feels imprisoning. i have yet to go outside for a walk due to the biting frost and cold air. it's been one week since i've stepped outside. i realize it's because i'm not used to it and 
growing up on the west coast makes me a bit of baby.

while i'm here my husband is in italy wrapping the packages and dealing with the shop. i feel torn because i want to be there but i am here and this is where i will be for the holidays. a few paintings i've been working on are finished and so here they are.

i leave you with this wonderful quote.....

"i love you just the way you are."

the world would have much happier people if they loved this way.


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