Early Christmas Sale - 30% OFF on all original paintings, jewelry and prints!

does christmas seem like it's just around the corner? well….it certainly feels like it, so i'm celebrating christmas early with a sale of 
30% off on all art and jewellery! 

i feel like i'm already behind on getting prepared for this season. i've been a super busy bee updating the website and etsy shop with new art and behind the scenes shots, which has left me little time to peruse my favourite blogs and pinterest - sigh. also, i'm getting ready for a big trip and there's just never enough time in a day. my advice to myself and anyone who is in a similar situation is to remember to "breathe". it's the best reminder to ourselves to take it one step at a time and 
enjoy the present moment.

here are a few paintings that i've finished which are now available on the website and the etsy shop which i will be adding to daily. 

i painted these on 300gsm fine art paper with acrylic paint.

leaving with you some inspiration - "leave a little sparkle wherever you go."



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