Natura - Little Piccoli Paintings

Here's a look at me painting one of my 
little piccoli characters - natura.

here she is in the garden. 
she likes to plant flowers in her garden 
and play with her little earth friends.



  1. I love the sweet whimsical feel of this painting! I could easily see it hanging happily hanging in a child's room :)

    Thanks for catching up with me Reese! I was just having a bad run with my health but I seem to be getting a better handle on it lately - just in time for summer. the mag powder seems to be helping along with generous hydration. Firmoo is great and I was really impressed with the quality. They do offer intl delivery. I'm running a giveaway with them right now and include a link to their delivery zones in my post. I'm pretty sure Italy is included.

    Hope you're well lady. Have a lovely weekend!
    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  2. Oh my goodness, so beautiful, sweetie!!! Have a great start to July and talk to you soon. xoxo

  3. It looks so cute <3
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