A Christmas Photo Tour in Europe - Orvieto and Assisi in Umbria, Italy

you may remember that i've mentioned in previous posts that umbria is one of my favourite regions in italy. it's absolutely picturesque and the streets are so clean.
europe and italy may be cold during december but it's truly worth it to take a visit. the beauty of the buildings and narrow streets are amplified by the winter weather and festivities
i truly recommend taking a tour through this part of the world during the festive season. 

here is a photo tour of this region on my last winter visit.

orvieto, a fortified, medieval town in the 
region of umbria, italy
quaint little paths

artisan shops

a little piazza

assisi is a unesco world heritage site, 
and the birthplace of saint francis of assis in umbria, italy

 life size nativity scenes

all photos taken by me

are there particular photos that you like to take while on holiday?
i adore wandering through the streets and taking pictures of front doors.
if you enjoyed this virtual tour and would like to read more posts on umbria,
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  1. Gorgeous and look how beautiful you are in the photo :) This is what I dream about when I think of Itay...well that and the vineyards!! One day I'll get there!

    PS Um from Umbria!! From Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp!!!

  2. Hey there stranger! I'm loving all of these little pictures! I actually stopped into Cinque Terre while I was on my Europe adventures! Loved it!

  3. It's hard to imagine xmas in such a warm country. And that's one of few things I love about living in Poland - there is a chance to experience a magical, snowy Xmas! Neverthless I love your photos from a trip. Hope you had a great time in those beautiful cities.

    Linn from all-is-pretentious

  4. What a wonderful place! My mom would go crazy for those Betty Boops!!!

  5. I really want one day to go to Italy for the holidays... Beautiful images my dear!!!


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