White Kitchen Designs

Sorry y'all for being away so long ... some of you may have thought i fell off the face of the earth, and when you're away this long on the Internet you might as well have :-)). However, I'm still here...I'm afraid I'm one of those ...uhm..hmm.. NOT one of those super human people that can do a multitude of projects and things at once, and my little blog suffered for it. Work, a kitchen remodel and planning a vacation just took priority. I'll be on a plane tomorrow but I promise that I'll write faithfully from wherever I am. Promise. 

So here's the lowdown. Something really exciting has been going on the past few months in my life - a complete kitchen renovation! I didn't want to jinx things so I didn't share this news with you guys. Call me weird. We've been to Ikea so many times these past couple months. We spent more than 6 hours one day and another 7 hours the following week at Ikea re-designing our kitchen.
I am just beyond excited.

Whether your kitchen is small or large, white is just the perfect colour.
Here are some kitchens that have inspired me....

my original inspiration - the set kitchen from the movie, "Something's Gotta Give."

Our kitchen will have white traditional cupboards with silver long silver handles and a black stone counter top with a white country sink. I had wanted to order marble but I've been told that a marble top is quite porous and therefore, really impractical in a kitchen.

Also, our kitchen floor is made of up several shades of grey, so I hope that the the black stone counter top will blend with the floor and make a nice constrast with the white cupboards.

what do you think?

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