About Reese

I'm Reese. A world traveller who loves art, design, crafts, and writing, and found her sweetheart half-way across the world. You can find me drawing, painting, making jewelry, or writing in front of the computer, bicycling around the countryside, or dragging my husband to Ikea
I enjoy drinking copious amouts of coffee and good company. I love Scandinavian design, and wish that I could paint everything white in my home. 

I believe in love, the kindness of strangers, cotton candy, burgers and fries, pancakes with strawberries, roller coasters, best friends and anything that inspires you to be the best you can be and create what your heart imagines. Dreams know of no boundaries.

It's never too late to be who you 
might have been
"George Elliot"

Rambles with Reese 
is a place where I can share my daily adventures and travails of living in Italy. This blog is where I can dream about possibilities; travel, be arty, crafty and creative; share my joys and happiness and also the sadness and frustrations in life; discover beautiful and inspiring blogs;  and ramble to my heart's content.


Come join me.

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