Motorcycle Travels through Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia - Part 3

as you know, if you follow my blog, my other passion in life is travelling. not only does being creative feed my soul, so does travelling, exploring and learning about other cultures, and  tasting new flavours and cuisines. this is the third chronicle of our motorcycle trip from last summer through Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia..
I hope you enjoy the trip through these photos.

 enjoying a stroll through the quiet, quaint streets of a 
klagenfurt am worthersee, austria.

riding around the beautiful lakes near maria worth, worthersee, austria
austria is an amazing country. the people are very polite and respectful. it's clean and quiet. it's unbelievably tranquil and peaceful. i absolutely love it. as we were riding around this very large lake, we found the most beautiful cemetery in a little town by the lake of worthersee.
never mind that we had been to salzburg before and that it was almost 3 hours north of where we were, in addition to being in the opposite direction of our itinerary, we could not "not" stop by one of the most visually stunning, 
and cultural places in the world.
do you recognize this cemetery? if you're into classical films you should - it's from the film, "the sound of muscic".  i've noticed recently that the cemeteries in austria are not only pristine but also incredibly beautiful. i had visited this cemetery many years ago and i don't remember it being so beautiful then.
a bird's eye view of Salzburg

quite frankly, i think it's quite impossible to take a bad photo of salzburg.
 next stop will be the charming and delightful city of 
ljubljana in slovenia.



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